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There are so many moments in life that deserve to be captured and held onto for years to come. A New York wedding photographer, for example, can capture the most precious moments of the most important day of your life. The love, the happiness, the romance… all of it can be captured in a set of gorgeous photographs and kept safe forever.

Memories may become a little hazy over time. A New York or New Jersey photographer can help you to hold onto each and every cherished memory in full color. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, other celebratory event or simply a family photo shoot, photographers from New Jersey or New York can provide you with a keepsake to hold close to your heart for the rest of your days.


Alice Shammah is one of the top New Jersey photographers in her field. No matter what type of shoot you have in mind, this is the artist that can capture your treasured events and moments in gorgeous photographs.

This New York photographer has turned her love of a hobby into a fine art that delights each and every one of her clients. Her ability to use angles and lighting is what helps to create the stunning photographic masterpieces that truly surpass all expectations. Alice Shammah’s love for photography is what sets her apart from many other photographers in New Jersey. She has a feel for this art form that is truly magical.

The Alice Shammah Photography studio specializes in sepia tone, hand-tinted, black and white, and color portraits. Depending on your order, different media types can also be used to give each portrait a truly unique feel. If you are looking for a family portrait or other photographic portrait that will be treasured for years to come, this is the photography studio you should call on.


The best way to assess an artist’s work is by looking at what other clients have to say:

“We were immediately at ease with Alice’s disposition. During our photo session she was very insightful as she was able to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.”

“We have worked with Alice Shammah for many years. She never fails to create a portrait which we are thrilled with!”

“I have received many compliments – you captured every feeling and emotion we feel for one another in one shot…”


If you would like to schedule an appointment with this fantastic New Jersey photographer, simply fill in the easy to use online contact form or send an email to

Soon, you could also be the proud owner of an exquisite portrait like no other.